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Featured Collections

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The StarSea Mission

All of our crystals, finishes and amulets are carefully hand selected and made in Toronto  to ensure they align with the magic that the Universe has to offer. We cleanse and charge every amulet before it makes its way to you.


Cleansed and Charged

Sustainably Sourced


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Handmade in Toronto


Founder Charlene Lizette picked up her first crystal at age 12. Fascinated by shiny rocks she started to collect pebbles and nice stones she found along her journey. 10 years later she became obsessed with beaded bracelets buying as many as she could and wearing them everyday. She quickly discovered that her beloved beaded bracelets put a dent into her timeless classic style. She wanted to look good while wearing her crystals.

In 2020 while the world faced darkness and uncertainty Charlene chose to share magic, hope and inspiration by designing her very own crystal jewelry with timeless style in mind. This was her way of sharing beauty, healing and the powerful energy of the Universe with the world.