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Heart Chakra | Throat Chakra | Third Eye Chakra | Crown Chakra


Connect with your Sacred Divine Feminine. This magestic combination of Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Angelite supports positive transformation and spiritual awareness while helping to restore balance into your life. Wear this piece to align with your highest self and step into your highest potential through your Spirital Awakening Journey. Rose Quartz ignites unconditional love and Divine loving energy throughout your entire aura. One of the most powerful stones to build your psychic and spiritual powers, Angelite will help you to connect with your Angels and the Divine Realms while Amethyst will offer you spiritual protection and purification.This blend of stones will help you tap into your inner strength and Divinity while connecting with your intution and enchancing your psychic abilities. 


This piece includes gold decorative beads that connect to the energy of the Sun.

This piece inlcudes white Lava Beads that can be infused with essential oils.


Pairs well with Luminous.


16CM Bracelet Size

Rose Quartz cut stone  (all pieces include their own unique markings)

6MM Light Amethyst

6MM Rose Quartz

6MM Angelite

6MM Lava Beads


Bracelet available in Smaller or larger sizes via custom order

*subject to fees*


All pieces are handmade and shipped out 8-14 business days after the order is placed


  • Care Instructions

    Handle with care. Showering and swimming with jewellery is not recommended. All jewellery has been cleansed and blessed by Charlene Lizette. It is recommended that all jewellery be charged and cleansed occasionally to help the stones operate optimally.

  • No Refunds - Exchange Only

    All sales are final.

    If for whatever reason a bracelet does not fit, an exchange for a larger size is available. Customer will be responsible for return shipping costs. Additional costs may be possible depending on alteration.

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