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Love | Spiritual  | Healing


Astrological Sign: Cancer


Connect with the depths of your subconscious and the sacred space of your divine imagination. Selene is designed to help you align with the nuturing, intuitive and comforting vibrations that represent the 4th sign of the zodiac, Cancer.


This blend of pearls, moonstone, blue lace agate, amazonite and aquamarine is designed to help you spark your creativity, connect with your inner wisdom and tune into source. Moonstone will help to enhance your intuition and help you stay inspired, while Blue Lace Agate will help you with communication. Amazonite helps with soothing anxious thinking and aquamarine helps to sooth and cleanse your energy so that you can vibrate at the frequency of comfort, love and consciousness. 


Heart Chakra | Third Eye | Crown


6MM Moonstone Barrel

4MM Aquamarine faceted

4MM Amazonite faceted

4MM Blue Lace Agate

4MM Pearl


Bracelet total length is 9.5 inches, 3 inches is adjustable


All pieces are handmade and shipped out 14-21 business days after the order is placed

  • Care Instructions

    Handle with care. Showering and swimming with jewellery is not recommended. All jewellery has been cleansed and blessed by Charlene Lizette. It is recommended that all jewellery be charged and cleansed occasionally to help the stones operate optimally.

  • No Refunds - Exchange Only

    All sales are final.

    If for whatever reason a bracelet does not fit, an exchange for a larger size is available. Customer will be responsible for return shipping costs. Additional costs may be possible depending on alteration.

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