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The StarSea Story


Let me begin by saying thank you. Your support means everything to me. I started StarSea Jewels with only a few hundred dollars, a vision and some faith. Somehow I knew that meaningful jewelry would help inspire and empower peoples lives. You and I both know crystals are magical and hold source energy which is so powerful.

We also know wearing crystals helps us to tap into the vibration and frequency they hold. 


I believe that there's magic in hand selecting every crystal specifically for your personalized order. I believe in the power of transparency and owning a locally run business. I believe in paying our team members fare wages and I believe in being as sustainable as possible while not losing the feel and essence of luxury and quality. Thats why I designed StarSea Jewels to be an intimately run business. I'm committed to working hard everyday at creating items that will help you manifest your desires while also helping you feel classy and stylish. That is what StarSea Jewels is all about. Timeless crystal jewelry designed to help you connect with your limitless potential and power.


How it all started...

Now let me tell you the birth story of StarSea Jewels because the Universe always works in mysterious ways. While our world was in chaos in 2020 I received a download where I was told I needed to share light, love, beauty, hope and inspiration with the world. I was told I needed to create jewelry that would make people feel beautiful and excited about life and the future. This would help you tune into the vibration of positivity and share it with the world. I was to design the jewelry so you could align with that which you wish to attract and manifest. Having had a deep love for crystals and having witnessed first hand how positively crystals had influenced my life I knew what I needed to do. One evening I sat down at my dinner table and started creating beautiful amulets with different gemstones and the rest is history. I want you to feel joyful expectation each time you wear a StarSea amulet. Whether you're running errands or going on a fancy night out, you're amulets are a reminder of the magic that exists within you.


Even though I received a download, I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined how StarSea Jewels has positively impacted your life. Everyday I receive messages and stories about your amulets and this brings me so happiness. Thank you for coming along this journey with us, I'm so excited to see where we're headed.

If you have a success story with your StarSea Amulets please let us know by sharing it below and help us spread hope, joyful expectation and the power of crystals and manifestation with the world. 

You have arrived and you are limitless!

xo Charlene

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