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Love |  Spiritual | Protection | Healing 


Surrender any fears and worries around Motherhood as you wear this beautiful piece named after the Goddess Hera, known in Greek Mythology as the protectress of women in childbirth. Pink Kunzite also known as the woman's stone, is a supportive and protective stone for young, first time and single mothers. This wonderful stone has been gifted to us from Mother Earth to help mothers care for their young and to help soothe sleepless babies.The powerful combination of Lepidolite and Kunzite have been combined to help you release stress and anxiety, while Kunzite and Moonstone will support you as you transition through the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. Call on Lepidolite's healing properties to help balance the mind and spirit. When Lepidolite, Moonstone and Kunzite come together they will help you stay present by offering you a deep sense of tranquility and calm. The ultra-soothing vibrations of HERA are ready to support you in your Motherhood journey.


This piece includes gold decorative beads that connect to the energy of the Sun.


*Please keep beads away from infants and small children. 


Sacral Chakra | Solar Plexus Chakra | Heart Chakra | Third Eye | Crown Chakra


16CM Bracelet Size

10MM Kunzite

8MM Moonstone

6MM Lepidolite


Bracelet available in Smaller or larger sizes via custom order

*subject to fees*


All pieces are handmade and shipped out 8-14 business days after the order is placed


  • Care Instructions

    Handle with care. Showering and swimming with jewellery is not recommended. All jewellery has been cleansed and blessed by Charlene Lizette. It is recommended that all jewellery be charged and cleansed occasionally to help the stones operate optimally.

  • No Refunds - Exchange Only

    All sales are final.

    If for whatever reason a bracelet does not fit, an exchange for a larger size is available. Customer will be responsible for return shipping costs. Additional costs may be possible depending on alteration.

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