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Love | Healing 


Wear this necklace to activate the Rose Quartz crystals properties of love, beauty and harmony. This piece will help support your heart Chakra and connect you with the energy of compassion, love and universal abundance. 


Heart Chakra 


18" Sterling Silver Chain

Rose Quartz Gemstone


All pieces are handmade in Toronto and these necklaces are pre order. You will receive them 4-6 weeks after your order is placed. 


  • Care Instructions

    Handle with care. Showering and swimming with jewellery is not recommended. All jewellery has been cleansed and blessed by Charlene Lizette. It is recommended that all jewellery be charged and cleansed occasionally to help the stones operate optimally.

  • No Refunds - Exchange Only

    All sales are final.

    If for whatever reason a bracelet does not fit, an exchange for a larger size is available. Customer will be responsible for return shipping costs. Additional costs may be possible depending on alteration.

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